1 2017-11-05 02:12:56	0|meshcollider|cfields: yeah about time, whats that, nearly 14.5 hours since wumpus tagged the release ;)
 2 2017-11-05 02:15:28	0|meshcollider|PRed my sigs too
 3 2017-11-05 03:19:47	0|achow101|Updated my sigs PR with the codesigned ones
 4 2017-11-05 04:26:14	0|bitcoin-git|[13bitcoin] 15MeshCollider opened pull request #11610: Update release notes for 0.15.1 (060.15...06201711_releasenotes0151) 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11610
 5 2017-11-05 04:37:20	0|meshcollider|ryanofsky: you should add the script from https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11592#pullrequestreview-73922693 to contrib/devtools/ IMO
 6 2017-11-05 06:19:33	0|bitcoin-git|[13bitcoin] 15fanquake opened pull request #11611: [build] Don't fail when passed --disable-lcov and lcov isn't available (06master...06dontfaillcov) 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/11611
 7 2017-11-05 08:50:36	0|wumpus|whoa meshcollider achow101 fanquake michagogo cfields and anyone I forgot thanks for gitian building so quickly
 8 2017-11-05 09:00:16	0|fanquake|Yea I think we had a few new contributors.
 9 2017-11-05 09:17:54	0|wumpus|wampy and sjors :)
10 2017-11-05 09:18:08	0|wumpus|I think we've seen wampy before
11 2017-11-05 09:43:50	0|fanquake|Yes I think so
12 2017-11-05 10:27:26	0|wumpus|rc1 executables up: https://bitcoin.org/bin/bitcoin-core-0.15.1/test.rc1/ https://bitcoincore.org/bin/bitcoin-core-0.15.1/test.rc1/
13 2017-11-05 11:45:40	0|wumpus|gmaxwell: I'd even expect little benefit from lto across library boundaries in code that uses secp256k1, pretty much all secp256k1 operations take significant time and probably little would be won in e.g. inlining/specializing them into the caller
14 2017-11-05 13:16:48	0|wumpus|heh someone sent me a peers.dat that crashes 0.15.0, turns out the problem is already solved in 0.15.1, that's awesome
15 2017-11-05 13:20:46	0|instagibbs|wumpus, I feel like this issue must have started recently, ran into it during core dev SF, and multiple incidents from others since then
16 2017-11-05 13:21:27	0|instagibbs|oh i guess 0.15 eh
17 2017-11-05 13:22:11	0|meshcollider|wumpus: cool yeah, is that because of #11252 backport
18 2017-11-05 13:22:23	0|meshcollider|#11252
19 2017-11-05 13:22:24	0|gribble|https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/11252 | [P2P] When clearing addrman clear mapInfo and mapAddr. by instagibbs · Pull Request #11252 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
20 2017-11-05 13:23:08	0|netyul|oi
21 2017-11-05 13:31:18	0|wumpus|instagibbs: I guess it still doesn't explain why the file gets corrupted, but not crashing is good, thanks for the fix :)
22 2017-11-05 13:31:48	0|instagibbs|right, mine was specifically running out of battery, but others seems not the case
23 2017-11-05 13:34:36	0|wumpus|oh indeed it might be something like truncating while writing due to unclean exit
24 2017-11-05 13:36:21	0|wumpus|more robustly it would write to peers.dat.tmp and then do an atomic rename when finished
25 2017-11-05 13:37:53	0|wumpus|we did a similar thing with the auth cookie
26 2017-11-05 13:38:06	0|wumpus|(though for a different reason)
27 2017-11-05 14:03:08	0|bitcoin-git|13bitcoin/060.15 142ce9e58 15Wladimir J. van der Laan: doc: Fill in 0.15.1 changelog and authors in release notes...
28 2017-11-05 14:03:08	0|bitcoin-git|[13bitcoin] 15laanwj pushed 1 new commit to 060.15: 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/2ce9e586d5b11e1f61af4db27b7326687d5e5124
29 2017-11-05 16:05:30	0|wxss|the Windows binaries are still signed by The Bitcoin Foundation, Inc. -- that is kinda gross
30 2017-11-05 16:12:39	0|wumpus|yeah... working on that
31 2017-11-05 16:13:10	0|wumpus|it's a lot of paperwork though
32 2017-11-05 16:13:58	0|wumpus|OS code signing is always a problem for open source projects as they're not released by a company
33 2017-11-05 16:27:23	0|MarcoFalke|I recall the key will expire soon, no?
34 2017-11-05 16:31:39	0|Sentineo|wumpus: in that case do some dev guys have to do that work as a person(not company)? Or the open source project figures as an entity?
35 2017-11-05 16:33:25	0|wumpus|Sentineo: the problem is that they don't recognize an open source project as entity (because it isn't really one) - I'm sure I could get a signing key for my company, or have one of the well-known companies in the space provide a signing key, it's not like we lack options, but whoever signs it is going to raise questions.
36 2017-11-05 16:34:20	0|Sentineo|right
37 2017-11-05 16:34:36	0|Sentineo|human nature, nothing is enough ;)
38 2017-11-05 16:34:42	0|Sentineo|ty
39 2017-11-05 16:35:06	0|LumberCartel|wxss:  What's the problem with The Bitcoin Foundation, Inc.?
40 2017-11-05 16:35:59	0|wumpus|Sentineo: yeah it's a political issue, not a technical one, so much harder. If only OSes supported decentralized signing e.g. gitian builds.
41 2017-11-05 16:36:28	0|wumpus|LumberCartel wxss please take the fight about TBF outside :)
42 2017-11-05 16:37:25	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  Sorry, I was asking a genuine question -- I wasn't aware that there's a problem there.
43 2017-11-05 16:39:02	0|Sentineo|wumpus: that would be nice, but gitian build looks pretty complicated. in my todolist to try it out though. It is the best way of ensuring the code one runs.
44 2017-11-05 16:39:50	0|wumpus|LumberCartel: let's say the bitcoin foundation has a checkered reputation, there's been so much drama about it. But it's off topic here, #bitcoin would be a better place to discuss.
45 2017-11-05 16:40:21	0|sipa|also, none of the people currently involved with bitcoin core development are working for the foundation anymore
46 2017-11-05 16:40:33	0|achow101|wumpus: have blockstream sign it :p
47 2017-11-05 16:40:46	0|sipa|ignoring any political drama, that on itself should be sufficient reason i think
48 2017-11-05 16:41:49	0|wumpus|sipa: that's true, though maybe it's not necessary for anyone to work for them to act as a neutral trusted signee, except that they're not that :)
49 2017-11-05 16:41:59	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  Okay, thanks.  If there is a need to start a company, or a non-profit society, I can certainly help with getting that started from here in Canada as I'm quite familiar with the process here.  I'm willing to help with that even if it's an enttity whose sole purpose is to satisfy OS code
50 2017-11-05 16:42:04	0|wumpus|achow101: I was waiting for that one
51 2017-11-05 16:42:14	0|sipa|wumpus: fair
52 2017-11-05 16:42:22	0|LumberCartel|I'll just leave it at that.
53 2017-11-05 16:42:26	0|LumberCartel|signing requirements.
54 2017-11-05 16:43:53	0|wumpus|LumberCartel: thanks!
55 2017-11-05 16:44:37	0|wumpus|LumberCartel: yes, some kind of very formal setup would be best - an organization whose sole purpose is to sign the executables when a certain gitian builder threhold is reached
56 2017-11-05 16:44:56	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  You're welcome.  Those kinds of conditions can be specified in the mandate before the organization is started.
57 2017-11-05 16:45:43	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  There would be a need for an AGM with an election for who are the directors.  I can even help with setting this up without having to be a director myself -- the elected directors would have the control.
58 2017-11-05 16:46:24	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  The fees aren't very high, and I could find out what's all required if people here are in agreement with going ahead with this.
59 2017-11-05 16:49:53	0|LumberCartel|wumpus:  Just in case you want to know how to contact me (e.g., while I'm not on IRC), my real name is Randolf and my details are on my web site, here:  https://www.randolfrichardson.com/contact/
60 2017-11-05 16:57:20	0|wxss|wumpus: maybe nChain/CSW could sign the executables with the private key of the genesis block, that should solve a lot of problems at once
61 2017-11-05 16:58:16	0|wumpus|LumberCartel: okay!
62 2017-11-05 16:59:35	0|wumpus|wxss: lol, yes but it would be only verifyiable on laptops that he provides :p
63 2017-11-05 17:42:52	0|jl2012|wumpus: "factory sealed laptop!"
64 2017-11-05 17:54:43	0|Blackcode|Hi friends, watch this video on youtube, I just tried it and it's really perfect. https://youtu.be/UEm0f1PihWo Send me a message in private, and I send you the password and activation key for free.
65 2017-11-05 18:00:22	0|Danini_|Hi friends, watch this video on youtube, I just tried it and it's really perfect. https://youtu.be/UEm0f1PihWo Send me a message in private, and I send you the password and activation key for free.
66 2017-11-05 18:25:25	0|promag|omg ^
67 2017-11-05 18:39:50	0|analiser|if bitcoin-cli move and accounts are deprecated how should i identify users ? only by address?
68 2017-11-05 18:59:39	0|wumpus|analiser: you can still use labels, there are just no balances anymore
69 2017-11-05 19:00:09	0|wumpus|but a label can still mark a group of addresses, say, the receiving addresses of a user
70 2017-11-05 19:00:27	0|analiser|cool i will read about it
71 2017-11-05 19:00:47	0|analiser|tk is hard find the right way to off-block-chain transaction
72 2017-11-05 19:05:27	0|dongcarl|w/re #9195, would it make sense to write out a BNF/EBNF representation of the RPC-console language for documentation? (starting with single RPC commands first then describing things that are in #7783 (nested commands and simple value queries))?
73 2017-11-05 19:05:28	0|gribble|https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/9195 | Debug console needs a little documentation on usage · Issue #9195 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
74 2017-11-05 19:05:30	0|gribble|https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/issues/7783 | [Qt] RPC-Console: support nested commands and simple value queries by jonasschnelli · Pull Request #7783 · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub
75 2017-11-05 19:13:37	0|wumpus|dongcarl: yes, something like that could probably be helpful
76 2017-11-05 19:21:59	0|analiser|wumpus, bitcoin-cli getnewaddress "test" this you mean by labels?
77 2017-11-05 19:31:58	0|dongcarl|wumpus: would it make more sense to write a YACC file or a BNF/EBNF representation? I think perhaps more value would be added if the representation could be used in parsing/validating/etc.
78 2017-11-05 19:55:27	0|wumpus|dongcarl:  really any kind of documentation in the debug console would be nice, but I'm not sure that would be understandable for many users
79 2017-11-05 19:56:10	0|wumpus|dongcarl: what I mean in the issue is just a small manual page or so, that explains how to use the nested commands, it doesn't need to be a formal, fully detailed description of the entire system
80 2017-11-05 19:56:29	0|wumpus|analiser: yes
81 2017-11-05 20:03:39	0|analiser|should we still use (bitcoin-cli move "label1" "label2" amount) to move off-chain funds between labels?
82 2017-11-05 20:03:55	0|analiser|just ask because seems deprecated
83 2017-11-05 20:12:16	0|wumpus|no, labels don't contain funds
84 2017-11-05 20:12:41	0|wumpus|they are just a tag to group one or more addresses
85 2017-11-05 20:12:47	0|analiser|work great on v13
86 2017-11-05 20:13:27	0|analiser|i dont disturb you guys anymore tk for your time i will try find more documentation
87 2017-11-05 20:14:17	0|wumpus|it works on 0.13 because 0.13 (and 0.15) still have the account system. But that's going away, there is no concept of 'off chain funds' or balances anymore.
88 2017-11-05 20:14:59	0|analiser|where i can find documentation because im working on site and this is critical
89 2017-11-05 20:16:08	0|analiser|about sysmbolic moving funds between labels
90 2017-11-05 20:16:37	0|wumpus|labels *have no funds*
91 2017-11-05 20:17:00	0|wumpus|for the last time, they are just a convenient tag for addresses, they are not accounts and do not have balances
92 2017-11-05 20:17:02	0|analiser|i know but address inside labels yes
93 2017-11-05 21:46:42	0|jijojohn|hello
94 2017-11-05 21:46:53	0|jijojohn|how can i create a bitcoin wallet app...
95 2017-11-05 21:47:45	0|jijojohn|do you guys have any resources on bitcoin wallet development ?
96 2017-11-05 21:53:14	0|wxss|jijojohn: try #bitcoin or #bitcoin-dev, this channel is for dev of Bitcoin Core
97 2017-11-05 22:05:39	0|bitcoin-git|[13bitcoin] 15jonasschnelli pushed 2 new commits to 06master: 02https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/compare/2f959a58744d...0cc98763919a
98 2017-11-05 22:05:40	0|bitcoin-git|13bitcoin/06master 140cc9876 15Jonas Schnelli: Merge #11607: Add Gitian PGP key: Sjors...
99 2017-11-05 22:05:40	0|bitcoin-git|13bitcoin/06master 1441b15cf 15Sjors Provoost: Add sjors gitian key