Building Bitcoin

Over the past few many years, a deliberate and well-funded effort has gone into rewriting the history of Bitcoin.

Instead of speculating about what Satoshi may or may not have thought or wanted, instead of speculating about the motivations of one group or another, here is simply the unedited stream of conciousness of developers long before Bitcoin was a force to be reconed with.

Before Blockstream existed, before Coinbase, before muddied the waters, when Bitcoin was only a few dozen hobbyists hanging out on IRC and discussing their interest in this new technology.

Follow along as early pioneers tried (and often failed) to figure out what Bitcoin was. You may be surprised that opinions and the ideas of things that were required to scale Bitcoin were very similar in 2011 as they are today.

Follow along as developers discussed payment channels, the need for second-layer systems, and as later-Bitcoin-2x developers discussed the 1MB block size as fundamental to Bitcoin. Also learn about some of the earliest references to replace-by-fee.

And always remember, Craig Wright is a fraud.

Early logs for the #bitcoin-dev IRC channel
Early logs for the #bitcoin-core-dev IRC channel